Roof Repairs I Make Before the First Winter Storm

As a homeowner, I understand that my roof serves as my first line of defense against the outside weathering elements. When the temperature begins to drop, the chance of the first storm approaching begins to increase. The last thing that I ever want to have to deal with during a winter snow storm is leaks, drafts, and the roof caving in. Before each winter season, I always take the necessary steps to ensure that my roof will protect me and my home for the season.

One of the first things that I always do is check the insulation. I check the different areas of my home to see if any are colder than the other parts of the home. If they are, I make my way up to the attic to inspect the roofing insulation. I always check for damaged areas that may be allowing the cold air from outside the penetrate my home. The insulation is one of the most important factors to keeping any home warm and I always make sure that this is taken care of.

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The gutters are like the veins for a roof. The next repairs that I make before the first winter storm is clearing the gutters around my home from any and all debris, leaves, twigs, and anything else that may be causing blockage. This helps to prevent the buildup of precipitation and ice that lead to my home having a damaged roof. I always make sure to check my gutters, no matter how tedious the job may be.

I always take the necessary steps to check my roof for damaged shingles or gaps that can cause leaks and cold drafts. To ensure that I will make it through the season without any problems, I never take shortcuts and do spot repairs. I always have a professional roofer come out to fix the damage and consult with to make sure that I am not leaving myself open to a bigger problem.

When making repairs to my roof before the first winter storm, I always check it for sagging or bulging areas. This is always a fairly strong indicator that the roof is damaged. These are weakness sports and they pose major damage to the home if they are not addressed immediately. If I ever notice these spots, I consult with a roofing contractor to come out as soon as possible to do a full roof replacement. Damaged areas like this can create a costly cave-in or collapse of the roof.

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